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Raventek Solution Partners Maintenance Worker in Blackstone, Virginia

Job Description-Performs various general building maintenance functions in a variety of skilled and semi-skilled craft trades to support mechanical and electrical heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning machinery. Has the ability to plan, lay- out and complete installations, modifications and repairs, in addition to being responsible for instructing other personnel in general mechanic positions.

Major Duties: Minor building maintenance tasks which must be performed to proficiency are listed herein by example, but they are not limited to the following:

Makes minor adjustment and repairs to HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and sewage systems; architectural and structural building components; interior and exterior entrance doors; all door locks, windows, floors systems, roof systems, roof gutters, downspouts, window and floor coverings. Performs minor painting chores consistent with preventive maintenance functions and minor repairs. Performs minor preventive maintenance functions which include, but are not limited to: Changing filters; cleaning cooling towers, heating and cooling coils; cleaning floor drains, grease traps, roof gutters, downspouts; and changing fluorescent tubes and other light bulbs where needed. Performs miscellaneous functions which include, but are not limited to: remove and install signs and picture frames; assist in relocating furniture and computers; and performs other similar duties.

Qualifications- Must have practical working experience with a variety of different skilled craft trades and be able to understand written and oral instructions to perform the required work. Must have a basic knowledge of each craft trade which performs the individual functions for building operations, repairs, and preventive maintenance activities. These include electricity, HVAC, carpentry, plumbing, and communication systems.

Physical Effort and Working Conditions: Have the ability to make repairs and installation from ladders, scaffolding, and platforms. Works with systems and equipment in hard to reach places requiring standing, stooping, bending, kneeling, climbing and working in tight and uncomfortable positions. The incumbent frequently lifts, carries, and sets up equipment that weighs up to 20 pounds. Occasionally, may lift and carry items that weigh over 50 pounds. The work is done inside and outside, and is usually dirty, dusty and greasy. Sometimes may be required to make installations and repairs when bad smelling fumes are present. There is frequent exposure to uncomfortable heat conditions and to the possibility of strains, cuts, scrapes, bruises burns and infections. Welding involves exposure to flying sparks, glare of torches and heated materials. Has the experience and knowledge to work with weapon hazardous materials such as lead, gun powder, and frangible ammo.


  • Ability to obtain and maintain a secret clearance


  • Applicable training required to maintain skill, licenses, and certifications.

  • Provide no less than three (3) days, or twenty-four (24) hours of factory training on the building automated system and lighting control system.

  • Hazardous Weapons Cleanup training to include lead, gun powder, and frangible ammo clean up and proper health safety and disposal. Training must be obtained within 15 days of employment and recertified every 6 months.

Resume Requirements-A detailed resume containing, as a minimum the information specified below must be submitted with the Contractor's Offer. These qualification standards apply to both new and replacement personnel.

  • The full names of the proposed person.

  • Detailed descriptions of the previous five (5) years of employment history.

  • The name(s) and addresses of the companies for whom the proposed person(s) worked for the past five (5) years, along with the name(s) and telephone number(s) of immediate supervisors.

  • A detailed narrative description of the types of experience that matches the skill position to be filled.

  • List of professional training and a copy of their current license

ID: 2019-1299

Street: Fort Pickett

Post End Date: 6/30/2020