Unisea Meal Plant Production Supervisor in Dutch Harbor, Alaska

BASIC FUNCTION: Manage all elements of production of Fish Meal, Bone Meal, Fish Oil, and other by-products at UniSea s Meal Plant to achieve continuous operations and maximum profitability. Maintain efficient operations of Main Sump operation in compliance with all State and Federal requirements. ESSENTIAL DUTIES: 1. Organize production staff and manage activities of the Meal Plant processing operation and maintain operational performance of equipment in the Meal Plant and Main Sump. Coordinate production based on G1 and G2 operations. 2. Work with engineering department in proposing and making design changes in processing facilities and equipment to maximize plant efficiency. Submit work orders to maintain proper repair of processing facility on repair or installation work that the Meal Plant does not perform. 3. Counsel and train employees according to UniSea policies and procedures. Coach and motivate employees to achieve maximum performance and maintain high morale. Evaluate employee performance and take necessary steps to assist employees in improving performance. Administer discipline to employees as appropriate, including terminations. 4. Recommend capital equipment needs, methods of improvement, and tools and materials to maintain and improve competitive production efficiency. 5. Maintain knowledge about internal and external influences affecting the future of the industry and Company.