Idaho Division of Human Resources Controlled Substance, Breath Alcohol and Blood Alcohol in Meridian, Idaho

The Forensic Scientist 2 (FS2) is an experienced scientist-level position with ISP Forensic Services. An experienced scientist who meets the minimum qualifications and *qualifying work experience of the FS2 must successfully complete a qualifying examination and a six-month probationary period of 1,040 hours.

*Qualifying work experience for the FS2 includes a minimum of two (2) years working independently, planning, managing, and prioritizing forensic controlled substance, blood alcohol, or breath alcohol instrument calibration caseloads; successfully engaging in independent research, evaluation, and validation activities associated with forensic controlled substance, blood alcohol, or breath alcohol instrument calibration; performing and documenting a range of examinations regarding forensic controlled substance, blood alcohol, or breath alcohol instrument calibration; providing training and consultation services to professional criminal justice and scientific audiences; and testifying as an expert regarding forensic controlled substance analysis, blood alcohol analysis, or breath alcohol instrument calibration, as applicable.

The successful candidate must meet ISP's Drug Policy (see below) and will be required to complete a criminal history background investigation and polygraph, which includes drug screening. Employment is dependent upon satisfactory results of the investigation and polygraph.

All Idaho State Police Forensic Laboratories are accredited by A2LA and to the ISO 17025:2005 Standard. State Police Forensic Laboratories serve state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies; state and county prosecutors; and public defenders.

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  • Conduct complex examinations for evidence and develop analytical findings
  • Follow analytical methods and the quality and safety procedures
  • Check that the report issued for analysis they perform is accurate
  • Perform examinations and breath alcohol instrument calibrations following defined analytical methods and other quality standards
  • Maintain established standards of laboratory cleanliness, safety, and efficiency
  • May provide assistance at complex crime scenes and/or clandestine laboratories
  • Train police officers in processing and collection of evidence and controlled substance, blood, or breath alcohol procedures
  • Interpret findings for prosecutors and defense attorneys, prepare attorneys for presentation of findings
  • Provide expert opinion and witness testimony regarding scientific finding
  • Perform validation studies to investigate and implement new methodologies
  • Participate in routine quality control measures, instrument maintenance and troubleshooting

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A baccalaureate degree in physical science, natural science, forensic science, or a closely related field and all required science courses for the assigned work discipline.
  • Two years of *qualifying work experience as a forensic scientist supported by appropriate training.
  • Minimum required course work for chemist or alcohol position is successful completion of a minimum of seventeen (17) semester (or 26 quarter) units of college level chemistry course work. Chemistry coursework must include laboratory and cover general chemistry, organic chemistry and quantitative/instrumental analysis. Applicants will list the applicable course work and SU (semester units) or QU (quarter units) with each course. If the title for the required courses is different from the names listed above, applicants must include an attachment with the university course description, syllabus, or a letter from the professor demonstrating the core course component.

Note:ISPFS analyst and management applicant’s baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degree must be in a physical or biological science from an accredited U.S. or Canadian institution. Degrees for Biology/DNA applicants must be in biology or chemistry related science. Acceptable institutions are those accredited by or those which have pertinent educational programs accredited by commissions or agencies recognized by the U.S. Office of Education. Applicants with education obtained at a foreign institution must, at their expense, have credentials evaluated by Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc., Milwaukee, WI; International Education Research Foundation, Inc., Los Angeles, CA; or world Education Services, Inc., New York, NY. Reports must be sent directly to ISP Human Resources.

Note:The successful candidate will be required to obtain certification by the American Board of Criminalistics, Forensic Toxicology Certification Board, or American Board of Forensic Toxicology within three (3) years of being selected for this position.

If you have qualifications in any of these areas, include the information in your resume as it may increase your score.

  • Diplomat or Fellow with the American Board of Criminalistics
  • FTCB or ABFT Certification
  • Member of related forensic science professional organization(s)
  • Graduate degree or advanced training relating to science or forensic science

ISP has a salary plan called Project CHOICE(Creating Hope, Opportunity, and Incentive for Career Employment) designed to provide incentives for recruitment and retention. The Project CHOICE plan distributes pay increases to employees for the attainment of certificates and other achievements relevant to their job class and the ISP mission. The purpose of Project CHOICE is to attract potential applicants to the ISP workforce, retain the workforce already in place, and reward employees who take on additional duties or tasks, and who work to better themselves in academic and professional settings.

Forensic scientists and lab management personnel earn CHOICE pay increases for a variety of discipline specific achievements related to skill acquisition. A few of these are listed below:

  • Bachelor Degree - $1.25/hour

  • Master Degree - $1.75/hour

  • Doctorate - $2.25/hour (only the highest college degree attained is awarded)

  • Completion of Probation/Independent Casework- $1.00/hour

  • Proficiency Test in two Disciplines - $.30/hour

  • Clan Lab/Crime Scene - $.45/hour

  • Serve as an ISO 17025 or ISO 17020 Assessor - $.30/hour

  • Forensics Specialty Areas Certification: $.50/hour for up to 2 areas of expertise

  • Lab Safety Officer - $.30/hour

  • Deputy Quality Manager - $.30/hour *Examination: *Resume and transcript review of your education and experience. It is essential that the information you provide emphasize education, experience and positions held that are directly related to the requirements noted in this announcement. We encourage you to provide a narrative summary of how you meet each of the Minimum Qualification areas followed by your resume. Providing more thorough, detailed information may help increase your score.

To preview the exam, click on the “” link below (you will not be able to take the exam from this screen). If you wish to take the exam, click on any Apply Online button and follow the instructions provided.

Notification of your test results will be available online when the review process is completed. You can access this by logging into your applicant account at: You then select the “Exams Summary” tab, click on either “Current Exams” or “All Exams” and the score will be displayed. You must also submit your college transcripts to the Idaho State Police for verification. Applications without the supporting transcripts will not be accepted. *Unofficial transcripts are acceptable at this time. If you are selected for a conditional offer of employment, official transcripts will be required.*

**Transcripts must be received by ISP on or before the closing date listed on this announcement for the application to be considered.

You may fax transcripts to (208) 884-7087, attention Human Resources OR you may email them to**.

How to Apply: Click on any Apply Online**button and follow the instructions provided to complete the Application Checklist and Exam for this position. When updating your online application information, you must select Idaho State Police under "Agencies," full-time employment under "Job Type/Shift," and Meridian under "Cities."

Idaho State Police Drug Policy

Idaho State Police does not consider for employment, nor accept as a volunteer, any person who has:

  • Used or possessed within the 5 year period immediately preceding application for ISP employment: LSD, PCP, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, or designer drugs (e.g. ecstasy, synthetic cathinones, their chemical derivatives and synthetic equivalents, etc.); if use was prior to 5 years preceding application for employment, the following factors will be considered:

(1) the frequency of the behavior; (2) the quantity of drugs involved; and (3) the type of drug;

  • Used or possessed within the 3 year period immediately preceding application of ISP employment: marijuana, inhalants (huffing), anabolic steroids, hallucinogens (psilocybin mushrooms), or synthetic cannabinoids (e.g. spice, K2, etc.);

  • On any occasion illegally manufactured or delivered a controlled substance; Used any illegal drug while employed in any law enforcement or prosecutorial agency;

  • Been found guilty by a court or jury of driving under the influence of intoxicants within the 5 year period preceding application for ISP employment;

  • Abused prescription drugs (case by case analysis).

Other involvement with illegal drugs may be a disqualifier. The Colonel of the Idaho State Police has the authority to make all final hiring decisions.

Visible tattoos on the head, neck, or hands are prohibited and must either be removed or covered by an acceptable means that does not deter from the professional image. However, tattoos simulating a wedding ring or tattoos simulating cosmetics or makeup are permissible.

Open for Recruitment: June 13, 2018 - July 12, 2018

Announcement #: 07433087972

Location(s): Meridian

Salary Range: $26.56 - $29.52 -Plus Competitive Benefits!