TECT Aerospace - Park City CNC Machinist II in Park City, Kansas

This job was posted by https://www.kansasworks.com : For more information, please see: https://www.kansasworks.com/ada/r/jobs/10695773 * Summary Description: To mill, drill, bore or ream parts from extrusions, bar stock, forging, plate, assemblies or composites that meet or exceed the specifications of our customers by means of CNC programs, conventional machines, and spar mills.* Job Duties and Responsibilities:# Machinist, Level II:Capable of setting up and performing the requirements of new or difficult product families with moderate to minimal assistance.Demonstrate good communication skills with supervisor/lead person, co-workers, and support departments.Show and maintain value added time management skills.Achieve and maintain quality throughout the entire production process by verifying customer requirements by the use of precision measuring equipment.Maintain a high standard of quality by meeting or exceeding the expectations of scrap parts due to workmanship. Advanced shop math skills.Become proficient on one machine or machine control with minimal assistance required to produce parts on those machines. Must also have a working knowledge of at least two other machines or machine controls.Capable of training new employees on Level I tasks.Advanced blueprint capabilities, including the ability to find or calculate missing dimensions.Ability to work with the following departments: tooling, quality, engineering, scheduling and other departments as necessary.Be aware of upcoming part numbers to evaluate if problems could arise. Maintain a log book of problems encountered during the production run and communicate these issues to Lead Person/Supervisor/Engineering/Programming.Evaluate methods to move the maximum amount of the internal setup time to external setup time and decrease production times where possible.Troubleshoot quality problems.Maintains At or Above Expectations on reviews and has no open reprimands.Maintains the shop average efficiencies# Machinist, Level III:Capable of training entry level and Level I to Level II operators.Proficient at three or more machines or machine controls and can move around the department as needed to run the more complicated work.Lead or assist new projects.Capable of setting up and performing all the requirements of new or difficult product families with minimal assistance.Ability to work closely with the following departments to maintain shop production: tooling, quality, engineering, scheduling and other departments.Ability to perform shop floor editing and programming as required to maintain throughput or to build needed items to improve quality or productivity.Demonstrate basic leadperson (leadership) skills, i.e. Fill in as lead person when required.Demonstrate good work ethics and lead by example.Evaluate setup and run documents as well as our processes and make changes as required to improve quality or productivity.Maintain at or above average shop efficiencies.Consistently scores Above Expectations on reviews.No lost time.Proficient at documenting Critical Problem Reports, Planning Change Requests, and Process Improvements Requests.Be able to plan next setup(s) and ensure that the following are up-to-date and available: setup packet, programs, prints, charts, fixtures, cutters and cams, etc.